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Making a vulgar post leads to a resignation - a curious story from St Louis Mo

I came across this story and thought it was an interesting one.

A person makes a vulgar post, (not all that terribly vulgar by normal human standards, but incautious and in poor judgement in the context of the written word) apparently in the comments section of someones blog, and when the comment is quickly deleted, the person repeats the post.

The blogger somehow determines that the poster is posting from a school computer, makes a phone call, leading to the quick resignation of the poster when the school identifies him.

Then the blogger reports on this series of events.

The comments to this final report are what is interesting. Most commenters take the position that this is an intolerable act on the bloggers part, that he should not have done anything more than ban the poster.

This is pretty much my position as well - I think the blogger who called the school was wrong.

But it's a curious question. If you are interested in this kind of issue, you might enjoy reading this webpage, especially the long long string of comments that follow. Some of it gets partisan, but that reflects the country we live in.



GOLDEN RULE: Woman Told by Insurer to Get Sterilized

Are these kinds of video interesting or not? Should VOICES post more like this, or decline to repeat what are basically national advertisements?

What stories and topics should VOICES cover?

Voices would like to hear your opinions and suggestions for stories and topics to cover in the next years worth of issues. So please let us know if there are topics and issues you'd like to see addressed in the pages of Voices.

We will consider and discuss all suggestions. And if we don't cover your story idea you can always come back and ask us why.

PBS "Jim Lehrer" reports on the uncounted unemployed

"PAUL SOLMAN: Here are the new numbers from the Labor Department's monthly survey of 60,000 households. The official number is what the government reports as U-3, 14.7 million unemployed as of June. That's 9.5 percent.

U-4 adds discouraged workers who've stopped looking. That would make unemployment 10 percent.

U-5, marginally attached workers who say they'd take a job, but haven't looked in a month. The number would then be up to 10.8 percent.

The most inclusive number, U-6, adds part-timers looking for full-time work, bringing the total to 16.5 percent.

Here's the transcript:


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