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Tom Corbett's Lucky Socks

In his very successful effort to say something really stupid every day, Governor Tom Corbett tied raising the State’s minimum wage to changing the dynamic of the economic recovery.  “The economy is starting to come back, Corbett said, I always worry about changing the dynamics when we’re starting to come out of…”


As usual, we might add, huh?

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Panic in the Street as Hedge Fund Managers Strike


So you open up the local newspaper to page 4 only to learn that the Read more »

Corbett Brief Defines Poor, Pregnant and Disabled as Icky

Stevieslaw: Corbett Brief Defines Poor, Pregnant, and Disabled as Icky

I’m certain that Marc Levy, writing for the Associated Press, did not intend to write a coma inducing article about Tom Corbett’s plan to bring Federal Medicaid dollars to Pennsylvania for the purpose of not using them.  Writing sensibly about Tom’s plan is not possible as no one has been able to explain or understand it. Recall that the first Federal response to the plan was, “What the …?” Read more »

Limbo Lower Now

Stevieslaw: Limbo Lower Now

Paul Kane, writing for the Washington Post, mistitles his piece “Critical Month awaits Congress”, which is appropriate only if the word critical actually means “of no importance.”  In the article, Paul points out that this Congress has passed only 60 pieces of public law in their six month session---fewer than the 88 passed by the Newt Gingrich bunch in 1995. Clearly, this will make the 113th Congress the least productive ever. Read more »

The Continuing War on Xmas

Stevieslaw: The Continuing War on Xmas

The Grand Old Party will oppose a bid by Democrats to extend jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed, which are set to expire just a few days after Christmas.  The loss of benefits will affect roughly 3.2 million people over the next six months.  Hap Holiday, spokesperson for the House Republicans, would only say, “We have supported it since 2008 as it could be paid for by counterbalancing measures that made life easier for the rich.”  “This year, we’d get nothing.”  Read more »

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