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Stevieslaw: May I Steal That?

Stevieslaw. May I Steal That?
As an aspiring writer and poet, I often seek to put words together, that through some mystical balance of sound and sight, transcend the sentence and come alive. It rarely happens. When a member of my poetry group succeeds, I always ask if I may steal it. They think I’m kidding. Read more »

Warm in Here?

Stevieslaw: Earth’s Window Broken
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Cheney Apologizes

Stevieslaw: TH Today---Cheney Apologizes

Facing a hypothetical question as to whether or not using “enhanced interrogation techniques” on the grandparents and grandchildren of detainees as they watched would have crossed the line to torture, former VP Dick Cheney turned beet-red and stammered, “I never thought of doing that. I really can’t imagine why I never thought of doing that, he continued, and I am ashamed of myself for not having come up with such an incredibly useful tool. America, I am sorry,” he concluded.

Banks Urge Caution

Stevieslaw: Tomorrow’s Headlines Today-Banks Urge Caution

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To Obama (verb)

Stevieslaw: To Obama (vt) Read more »

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