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Public needs clarity on Common Core Standards; Brooks isn’t helping

David Brooks’ main premise - that the public’s understanding  of  the merits of the new Common Core standards is becoming yet another victim of the current political environment – is one I agree with.  Unfortunately, by failing to accurately articulate the objections of the “left” from his pulpit at the Times, Brooks is only adding to the public’s confusion.   Read more »


Preparing our Students for the Future – Intentionally

There’s a danger when a phrase becomes so common that it begins to lose its meaning. With that risk in mind, this post will be about “21st-century skills”, the educational framework that includes critical-thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication (beyond reading and writing), and to which I’ve added a 5th ‘C’: ‘citizenship’ Read more »


School Climate, locally owned and operated

Is it possible to teach and learn in a dysfunctional school environment? Certainly, anything is possible – but it’s like swimming against the current. It’s just common sense that, long-term, teachers are more effective if they’re in a school in which they feel respected and supported, where collaboration and innovation are encouraged, and where teachers are not held accountable for things beyond their control. Read more »


What is the ‘Goal’ of Secondary School? No Student Left Unknown

Once a foundation’s been laid, then what?

Last week I shared my response to Tim Kaine’s policy recommendation for elementary education, which I thought was based on an unnecessarily narrow view of student capacity and potential. But when Kaine speaks to secondary education, I think he’s on to something: He asks, “why don't we personalize learning for every student?  Shouldn't we strive for an educational model that involves individualized education for all?” Read more »


What is the ‘Goal’ of Elementary School?

A couple of months back, Tim Kaine (former governor and current senator from Virginia) wrote a column for EdWeekly, describing what he and his wife had learned from their forty years’ experience with public education, particularly as parents.  I thought his observations deserved a more thorough examination, so here are my thoughts, beginning with his take on elementary school.  Read more »


Gates, reprised

Catching up on my EdWeekly reading over the holidays...

Read more »

Communication Literacy

Perhaps the phrase strikes you as redundant, but it’s the term I use to describe the broad range of communication skills that our students will need to successfully navigate the 21st-century world. And yet, the traditional focus on the 2 Rs (reading and writing) remains the entrenched standard - partly because those skills are relatively easy to test. Sadly, we appear to have created a generation who has only learned to write the 500-word exposition, with the teacher as the only audience. Read more »


The ‘Core’ of Professional Development - New wine requires new wineskins

In Allison Gulamhussein’s outstanding article in ASBJ, “Professional Development and the Common Core”, she lays out what I believe could be a framework for broad, systemic education reform. Read more »


Survey Says