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George Lakoff on "Untellable Truths" framing and political rhetorical language

I love George Lakoff. Like the moral reasoning arguments of Jonathon Haidt, Lakoff's ideas of framing and rhetorical language are revolutionary, and one of the few areas in which progressives can make headway against the inevitable triumph of conservatovism in an increasingly more crowded, hostile, and resource-depleted world.

So here's a long extract from a recent truthout article from Lakoff:

I am often asked, "Is there a slogan I can use tomorrow that will turn things around?" Certainly there are better things that can be said tomorrow. But things don't turn around so quickly. There is a lot do and to bear in mind over the long haul. Here is a brief list:

  • Communication is a long-term effort. Political leaders rarely say anything that isn't already in public discourse. That means that people who are not in office have to start effective communication efforts, including new ways of thinking and talking.
  • All politics is moral. Policies are proposed because they are assumed to be right, not wrong. The moral values behind a policy always should be made clear.
  • Conservatives and progressives have two different conceptions of morality.
  • Democrats need to unite behind a simple set of moral principles and to create an effective language to express them. President Obama in his campaign expressed those principles simply, as the basis of American democracy. (1) Empathy - Americans care about each other. (2) Responsibility, both p