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Centre County Commissioners are considering selling Centre Crest Nursing Home, but keeping the prison which loses more money.

I write today because I am very concerned that our Centre County Commissioners are considering selling Centre Crest.
Commissioners have stated that they cannot continue to lose 1.5 Million a year to keep Centre Crest in operation.
1.5 million spread over all the tax payers in Centre County is approximate $25 per tax payer.
Consider that we are losing almost 6 million a year running the prison!
What would you rather your tax money be used for > running prisons - or to care for our sickest in need!??
If Centre Crest is sold to a non-profit, or a for-profit, where will those who cannot afford to pay for care go?
If it is private, we will not be able to talk to the owners, or voice our concerns or suggestions for changes!
Not to mention, all the employees of Centre Crest who will face an uncertain future if it is sold!

What can we do to keep Centre Crest a county owned nursing facility?
We can start by expressing our concerns.
Our elected officials are supposed to represent us, so let them know > their citizens want to keep Centre Crest county owned!
Please say NO to selling Centre Crest.
Say Yes to keeping Centre Crest county owned, operated, and controlled!
Please attend the PUBLIC HEARINGS and express your concerns. (see schedule below, meetings start this week!)
Talk about this issue with your friends and neighbors, write letters to the paper...
send emails, forward this...
The commissioners are asking for the public input on this issue,
so I hope we can make a strong impression!