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TO THE ASH HEAP OF HISTORY: Judge strikes down Pa.'s gay marriage ban

Public needs clarity on Common Core Standards; Brooks isn’t helping

David Brooks’ main premise - that the public’s understanding  of  the merits of the new Common Core standards is becoming yet another victim of the current political environment – is one I agree with.  Unfortunately, by failing to accurately articulate the objections of the “left” from his pulpit at the Times, Brooks is only adding to the public’s confusion.   Read more »

The Diminishing Need for the Poor

Stevieslaw: The Diminishing Need for the Poor. Read more »

All You Can Eat

All You Can Eat


Dad was banned for life
from the all-you-can-eat
places all up and down
the Eastern seaboard.
It was a wonder to see
his likeness on a greasy
“not wanted here” bulletin
board at an Italian Smorgasbord
just outside of Dover, Delaware.

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Preparing our Students for the Future – Intentionally

There’s a danger when a phrase becomes so common that it begins to lose its meaning. With that risk in mind, this post will be about “21st-century skills”, the educational framework that includes critical-thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication (beyond reading and writing), and to which I’ve added a 5th ‘C’: ‘citizenship’ Read more »

Meira Levinson to Deliver Talk on the Ethics of Educational Injustice – April 16, 2014

Meira Levinson to Deliver Talk on the Ethics of Educational Injustice – April 16, 2014

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School Climate, locally owned and operated

Is it possible to teach and learn in a dysfunctional school environment? Certainly, anything is possible – but it’s like swimming against the current. It’s just common sense that, long-term, teachers are more effective if they’re in a school in which they feel respected and supported, where collaboration and innovation are encouraged, and where teachers are not held accountable for things beyond their control. Read more »

I am thinking about grabbing one of those quarter coworking slots at New Leaf Initiative

I'm wondering about getting a slice of new workspace - in this case, technically, of new cowork space. An office in town, with a working cellphone (I live in a cell shadow, some weird trick of the ridges and the line-of-sight towers. No service, the phone always says.), and a view. I have been doing various types of running calculations in my minds eye - the expense, versus the ways the expense could be leveraged into results and value. The immediate financial return potential is - well - lets call it an unknowable. Read more »

Word Mandalas By Nancy Cleaver at Rhoneymeade April 12-13

Word Mandalas By Nancy Cleaver

nancy-cleaver-mandala.jpg Read more »

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