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House Republicans to Sue Penn State


House Republicans, led by hard charging John Boehner, announced today that they will sue Penn State University for something or other. 


“This is in addition to our suit against Obama, clarified Johnny. It is important for House Republicans to show that they are not soft on child abuse---particularly during the midterm elections, particularly in the swing state of Pennsylvania, and particularly for children who are not illegal aliens.” 

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TO THE ASH HEAP OF HISTORY: Judge strikes down Pa.'s gay marriage ban

Public needs clarity on Common Core Standards; Brooks isn’t helping

David Brooks’ main premise - that the public’s understanding  of  the merits of the new Common Core standards is becoming yet another victim of the current political environment – is one I agree with.  Unfortunately, by failing to accurately articulate the objections of the “left” from his pulpit at the Times, Brooks is only adding to the public’s confusion.   Read more »

The Diminishing Need for the Poor

Stevieslaw: The Diminishing Need for the Poor. Read more »

All You Can Eat

All You Can Eat


Dad was banned for life
from the all-you-can-eat
places all up and down
the Eastern seaboard.
It was a wonder to see
his likeness on a greasy
“not wanted here” bulletin
board at an Italian Smorgasbord
just outside of Dover, Delaware.

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Preparing our Students for the Future – Intentionally

There’s a danger when a phrase becomes so common that it begins to lose its meaning. With that risk in mind, this post will be about “21st-century skills”, the educational framework that includes critical-thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication (beyond reading and writing), and to which I’ve added a 5th ‘C’: ‘citizenship’ Read more »

Meira Levinson to Deliver Talk on the Ethics of Educational Injustice – April 16, 2014

Meira Levinson to Deliver Talk on the Ethics of Educational Injustice – April 16, 2014

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School Climate, locally owned and operated

Is it possible to teach and learn in a dysfunctional school environment? Certainly, anything is possible – but it’s like swimming against the current. It’s just common sense that, long-term, teachers are more effective if they’re in a school in which they feel respected and supported, where collaboration and innovation are encouraged, and where teachers are not held accountable for things beyond their control. Read more »

I am thinking about grabbing one of those quarter coworking slots at New Leaf Initiative

I'm wondering about getting a slice of new workspace - in this case, technically, of new cowork space. An office in town, with a working cellphone (I live in a cell shadow, some weird trick of the ridges and the line-of-sight towers. No service, the phone always says.), and a view. I have been doing various types of running calculations in my minds eye - the expense, versus the ways the expense could be leveraged into results and value. The immediate financial return potential is - well - lets call it an unknowable. Read more »