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The Latest Edition of Voices of Central Pa

Out of tragic loss, a community treasure

Local farms breed uncommon livestock


Alpacas graze at Mountain Edge Alpaca Farm.

by Molly Cochran

Animal farms are known to produce meat, by-products and livestock for the community. Read more »

Garden to host butterfly celebration

Friends and Farmers co-op makes strides

by Michael Rybacki Read more »

On the cheap: finding furniture


Shoppers browse Pete’s Used Furniture.

by Marilyn Jones Read more »

Local artists set to exhibit at Arts Fest

by Art Goldschmidt

Work by Kimberly Brooks-Filkins

Work by Kimberly Brooks-Filkins

The Arts Fest is an occasion for people living in the Centre region to wander among booths filled with art objects, see returning friends and listen to a variety of musicians. Read more »

CATA bus service frustrates local residents

by Kira Marshall-McKelveyDSC_0468

As the fall semester approaches at Penn state university, Cata Bus schedules become more guidelines than actual rules. With new drivers, less timely arrivals, and riders who play the role of navigators, students are growing increasingly agitated with the system. Read more »

Penn State to restore Old Main frescoes

by Lewis Jillings Read more »

The 2013 July/August issue of VOICES is out!

NSA surveillance and the Military-Industrial Complex

NSA surveillance and the Military-Industrial ComplexThe Military Industrial Complex

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