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Variable-rate electric bills shock customers in Central Pennsylvania

Variable Rate Electric Bills in Pennsylvania



Managing Editor


Pennsylvania customers hoping to catch a break on their electric bill were stunned to find variable-rate energy provider IDT Energy had tripled their prices without warning. Read more »

EDITORIAL: Grad students give more than they get

It's time to consider a different model.

You are the force that guards these valleys.

The February 2014 Issue of Voices is out!

The December 2013 & January 2014 Issue of Voices is Out!

Bellefonte council votes to demolish Garman Theatre

5-4 vote comes after two hours of public comment asking council to save the historic theatre

Vote for One: How Pennsylvania’s closed primaries lock out independent voters and limit voter choice

How Pennsylvania's closed primaries lock out independent voters and limit voter choice

COVER STORY: Surviving the Internship Economy: How companies abuse interns for free labor

How companies abuse interns as free labor sources

PAGE TWO: Election day is upon us!

As I write this I’m surrounded by the telltale signs of autumn. The leaves are parting ways with the trees, the temperatures are dipping below freezing (much to my dismay), and Twitter is once again full of obnoxious photos of pumpkin spice lattes. And here at Voices, it’s every newspaper editor’s favorite time of year: election season! (That’s my one exclamation point for 2013. Savor it.)

Letters to the community written by District Magistrate candidates Susan Bardo and Steve Lachman

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