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Commissioners decide fate of Centre Crest

By fall of this year, the Centre County commissioners will have decided whether Centre Crest, the county-owned nursing home located in Bellefonte, will remain county-owned, or will be transferred to a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of running Centre Crest. The possible transfer has generated controversy in the region.

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SEIU Healthcare PA Files Lawsuit Against Corbett Administration to Halt Department of Health Closings and Furloughs

On Monday, April 1st, 2013, SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania along with State Senators Tim Solobay (D-46) and John Wozniak (D-35) and State Representatives Michael Hanna (D-76), Ted Herhai (D-58) and Pam Snyder (D-50) filed a lawsuit against the Corbett Administration on the grounds that its plan to close 26 public state health centers and eliminate 73 Department of Health positions including 26 community health nurses is violates both Pennsylvania law as well as its Constitution. Read more »

Centre County to Host Statewide Farmland Preservation Conference April 4


Representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and American Farmland Trust will kick off a discussion of the economic and environmental challenges and opportunities related to protecting the Commonwealth’s farms during the Pennsylvania Farmland Preservation Association’s (PFPA) spring conference on April 4.

Glacial Waterfalls

Glacial waterfalls

Concert to benefit local displaced people

by Eunice Askov

The lack of affordable housing in Centre County is well known to Voices readers. Finding affordable housing that does not exceed 30 percent of a person’s income is very difficult in Centre County.

While the Affordable Housing Coalition seeks to find long-term solutions, one person is trying to raise funds to assist those who must leave their homes now because their trailer parks are being sold. Read more »

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