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Education majors face grim job prospects

education majors face grim job prospectsby Kenneth Bui

Gov. Tom Corbett’s 2011-2012 budget proposal cut more than $1.5 billion from the pubic education sector, underscoring the grim career prospects confronting education majors in Pennsylvania.

Critics of the budget have focused much of their attention on cuts to higher education and the possibility of rising tuition at Pennsylvania’s public colleges and universities. Last year’s budget cuts inspired student rallies and protests, and in anticipation of Corbett’s 2012-2013 budget proposal, students from several universities, including Penn State, protested on the steps of the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg on Jan. 31.

Within that population is a group of students facing a particular set of concerns: education majors. Read more »

Dorms enforce policies for summer guests

by Jessica Beard

As students at Penn State University Park pack up and head home for the summer, new residents of all ages are preparing to move in. Freshmen leaving their East residence halls in May may not realize that their old dorms will see thousands of visitors pass through their doors before Fall semester rolls around again.

Summer in Happy Valley houses the youth camps and professional conferences which keep University Park a busy town with unlikely neighbors. Read more »

State College band Cartoon holds final performance

Cartoon Bandby Elizabeth Timberlake-Newell

On July 13 and 14, local acoustic band Cartoon will play its last shows. For 32 years, Cartoon has been playing local venues such as the American Alehouse and Café 210, but these shows will be the last time that lead guitarist Jon Rounds, guitarist Glenn Kidder and bassist Randy Hughes will take the stage together. Jon Rounds discussed the band’s history with Voices. The following is the question and answer interview. Read more »

The July August 2012 Issue of Voices is out!

Centre Gives - Potentially double your donation to Voices!

Huge THANKS to ALL our supporters!
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Overall the CENTREGIVES event was an AMAZING success, with 2,847 gifts, totaling $415,116, given to over 80 non-profits. Congratulations to the CCCF for running an amazing event!

DeficitBots - shiftless government workers took your jobs

See what's in store for the legions of shiftless firemen, teachers and policemen in the government's employ.  

The State Theatre website is back

PA serves as a battleground for abortion

United Against The War On Women
Kate Michelman spoke at the PA Unite Against the War on Women rally in Harrisburg, Pa. Photo by Joanne Tosti-Vasey 

by Allison Robertson

At the PA Unite Against the War on Women rally in Harrisburg on April 28, a woman stood up and spoke about her difficult decision to get an abortion.

Kate Michelman, now the former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, lived with her husband in State College in 1969. At the time, she was a Catholic rejecting all forms of contraception and had given up her career to raise her three daughters.

Her life changed when her husband left her. Struggling to make ends meet, Michelman was receiving public assistance as a single mother when she discovered she was pregnant.

“I knew having a child in these conditions was wrong,” Michelman said.

To get a legal abortion in 1969, Michelman had to stand in front of a board of male doctors and explain why she was “mentally unfit” to be a mother, she said. They granted her permission to have the abortion. However, when it came time for the procedure, Michelman discovered that under state law, her husband was required to sign a paper that granted his permission for her to have the procedure. Read more »

Centre Gives brings match days to the county

by Elizabeth Timberlake-Newell

June 27 and 28 will mark the first annual Centre Gives, an online fundraising effort through the Centre County Community Foundation.

Between 6 a.m. on June 27 and 6 p.m. the following day, anyone interested in donating to local nonprofit organizations can log on to, view the wide selection of nonprofits, along with their profiles and donate.

Donation amounts will be matched by the Centre County Community Foundation (CCCF), which has allocated $100,000 for the purpose of making equal contributions.

By mid-May, the CCCF had signed on 50 organizations to the Centre Gives initiative. These nonprofit organizations run the gamut of activities in the county—from youth activities to the arts to charities; they include Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania, Nittany Valley Symphony and State College Area Meals on Wheels, to name a few. Read more »

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