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Voices Fun!Raiser set for April 5th

Voices of Central Pennsylvania will host its annual Fun!Raiser event on April 5. The venue has changed from previous years; this year the Fun!Raiser will be held at Webster’s Bookstore and Cafe from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Cost is $30 per adult and $15 for students and unemployed persons.

This year we will be honoring Charles and Jo Dumas as our Progressives of the Year. Charles Dumas ran against Rep. G.T. Thompson for the U.S. House 5th district, despite the challenges in running as a Democrat in a heavily Republican district. Read more »

CNN coverage of our 2003 Iraq Invasion in time lapse video

Exciting, right? CNN knows how to put on a show. Makes invading an innocent country based of frauded up claims of WMDs look pretty glamorous. You almost don't mind throwing away trllions of taxpayer dollars, after seeing the show.

crumax rins - plaid and bob jaroc from bob jaroc on Vimeo.

Come to the Voices Fundraiser at Websters on April 5th

Come honor the Voices Progressives of the Year 2012,
Charles and Jo Dumas!Charles and Jo Dumas, Voices Progressives of the Year

Read more »

Sen. Teplitz, Rep. Cutler Announce Creation of New Government Reform Caucus

HARRISBURG, March 18, 2013 — State Sen. Rob Teplitz and state Rep. Bryan Cutler today announced the creation of a bipartisan, bicameral Government Reform Caucus to develop and promote legislation to reform state government.

Teplitz and Cutler discussed the new caucus during a news conference today in Harrisburg. They also presented their own pieces of reform legislation. They said they believe that bringing fundamental reforms to state government is the only way to put the General Assembly in a position to truly address the commonwealth’s major issues. Read more »

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