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The Latest Edition of Voices of Central Pa


Voices of Central Pennsylvania September 2015
In This Issue: September Public Meetings Calendar | Moral Hazard and Big 10 Climate Commitments | Superlatives overtake the airwaves | Yemen a hotspot in US-Iran power struggle | LAGuide to PetEuphoria | Jewelweed - A Gem in the Marsh | Poet of the Month ~ Julia Spicher Kasdorf | Musician Profile: Tyne Palazzi | Winter Outlook | Local Home-Scale Photovoltaic Solar | Finding Made-in-USA products | An Uncommon Fall Visitor | Advice to agripreneurs | PSU Should Apply Whole Systems-thinking | A Tale of Two Nittany Theatres | Ways Ferguson Township Can Protect Water

Steffen wins Golden Basket Award

Chef Jamie Steffen won the Golden Basket Award at the Boalsburg Market Chefs Competition in August. Steffen represented the American Ale House. Read more »

Hospital chef plans for organic garden

“The reason we’re going for certified organic is that, as a medical center, it’s very important for the community to know that we are using certain guidelines, just as in our healthcare practices at Mount Nittany,” Glenn said. Read more »

Pa leads nation in rabies cases for second year

Pennsylvania has managed to remain the number one state for rabies cases in America. Read more »

Off campus meal plan provides options

Penn State University has created another food service plan specifically for students living off-campus and receiving a financial aid package. Read more »

Penn State admits even more freshmen

This fall, Penn State University Park is preparing to bring in its second-largest undergraduate freshmen class on record. Read more »

Night of song and dance set for State theatre

On Friday, September 14, Brio Dance Company and Pure Cane Sugar will bring their unique performance to the State Theatre’s stage. Read more »

The September 2012 issue of VOICES is out!

Tom Corbett has some monkeys on his back named Sandusky and Penn State Scandal

Tom Corbetts Sandusky Penn State Scandal
Political cartoon about Tom Corbett and the Sandusky and Spanier Curly Schultz scandal by Shawn Raymond

Some State College Arts Festival 2012 photos

State College Arts Festival July 2012 photos

State College Arts Festival July 2012 photos by Elizabeth Timberlake-Newell

Read more »

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