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Voices of Central Pennsylvania September 2015
In This Issue: September Public Meetings Calendar | Moral Hazard and Big 10 Climate Commitments | Superlatives overtake the airwaves | Yemen a hotspot in US-Iran power struggle | LAGuide to PetEuphoria | Jewelweed - A Gem in the Marsh | Poet of the Month ~ Julia Spicher Kasdorf | Musician Profile: Tyne Palazzi | Winter Outlook | Local Home-Scale Photovoltaic Solar | Finding Made-in-USA products | An Uncommon Fall Visitor | Advice to agripreneurs | PSU Should Apply Whole Systems-thinking | A Tale of Two Nittany Theatres | Ways Ferguson Township Can Protect Water

Panel Discussion on the Immigration Raid in Our Community November 18


Why State College?

A Panel Discussion on
the Immigration Raid
in Our Community

November 2014 Issue of Voices

The long wait for low-income housing

The long wait for low-income housing


The economic crisis in the U.S. has hit the residents of Centre County hard. It has caused an increase in the number of people seeking low-income housing, and as a result, extended the waiting period for obtaining a residence. “As of today, we have over
400 families on our waiting list,” said Betty Corman, Section-8 coordinator of the Housing Authority of Centre County. Section 8 is a housing voucher program that is available to assist very low-income families in finding safe and sanitary health options, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The large number of people on the waiting list in Centre County
has resulted in an increased waiting to any assistance being available,” Corman said. Read more »

October 2014 Voices of Central Pa


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TO THE ASH HEAP OF HISTORY: Judge strikes down Pa.'s gay marriage ban

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Opinions and Letters: Our movies need new stories. St Pattys. What music scene?

MINOR: Our movies need new stories

In February, I went to the State Theatre for a screening of this year’s Oscar nominations for best live action short film.