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What is Neoliberal Philosophy and Policy, and How Has It Affected Our Lives?

The Guardian recently published an article about Neoliberalism, the political ideology and movement that shaped the last 36 years of decline which afflicted both US and British voters, that is, the 90% of voters who are not part of the protected upper and professional classes. It's a fascinating and important article, and very much worth your time to read, study, and share and discuss with others. Read more »

Re-organization News Coming Soon

by Bill Eichman, Voices IT Volunteer, former President and Board Member, and long-time Voices supporter, donor, and advocate. 


Voices PeopleVoices has been undergoing a transformational death and rebirth. We have been seeking a new form, one that has evolved to suit the needs of our rapidly changing 21st century lives, and our expanded and demanding community lifestyles. And we'd love to tell you that we have it all figured out, and that we are on time and on on budget. And give you the date of our grand reopening and gala debut.

Ah, no. Nope. Nah. Sorry. No big debut, yet. We are still working on things. (Hey, if it was easy, everybody would do it.)


However we are all agreed on this; because everyone we talk to tells us this key thing over and over. This town needs an independent Free Press, and a strong and unabashedly liberal community voice.
And there are people here who love the art and craft of journalism, who believe in the Voices mission, and who see the importance and power and potential of the multi-generational community of remarkable people found here in the Nittany and Penns Valleys. Read more »

Good Spirits! The Annual Art Auction and Wine Tasting benefit for the Art Alliance

2016-08-19 16_16_58-Good Spirits.png

This event features wine tasting, appetizers provided by Wegman's, Artists in Action, a silent auction, and music by Pure Cane Sugar.

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Social exchange app might help turn collaboration into currency


            UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- A focus on symmetrical activities -- and smart technology -- may be critical to creating applications that allow people to negotiate transactions with their time, rather than their money, according to Penn State researchers.

            In a study, participants used a mobile application called WithShare to make requests for and volunteer to take part in upcoming activities that matched their interests and hobbies. This type of mobile timebanking app might help overcome some of the limitations of traditional timebanking, a service that values actions based on the time it takes to produce them, rather than based on money, according to John M. Carroll, Distinguished Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State.

"WithShare is, in a way,
timebanking without the time," said Carroll. "We're streamlining interactions so that people directly and reciprocally coproduce services."

Senate Signs off on gun control measure

Stevieslaw: Senate signs off on gun control measure
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