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Confronting the Climate Change Denial Machine

Confronting the Climate Change Denial Machine

We are changing the climate on climate change.

On April 30th at 7 pm noted Penn Staters will confront the climate change denial machine and call for deeper action.

Join us.

This event includes presentations by:

          Dr. Donald Brown. of Climate Ethics and former Clinton Administration Diplomat

          Peter Buckland, Co-host of Sustainability Now Radio

          Dr. Janet Swim, Chair of the American Psychological Associations task force on the Psychology of Climate Change 

          Dr. Rick Shuhmann, of Engineering Leadership

          Dr. Michael Mann, director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center, Nobel-Prize co-winner for his work on the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars.Questions and answer will follow the presentations.


Confronting the climate change denial machine.

Will you act?

 April 30th at 7 pm Venue TBA.  

If you would like to sponsor this event or have questions,send them to Peter Buckland:

Watch this page for more information. Read more »

Thank you, Bob Brownlee, for all you did for voters and voter rights

I am so sad to say that we lost a great friend today.

I still remember the first time i ever talked to Bob Brownlee,
he called me about the voting machines.

I forget if the commissioners had already bought the machines
or were about to, but I had given up. I was frustrated and tired.
I said, "Sorry, it is too late, it is over, we lost the battle."

But, Bob was not going to give up the fight!
He was determined!
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Jon Stewart rips into Fox News for ignoring the Koch-funded disproof of Climategate Claims, covering the McRib instead.


On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart picked up on a story that rocked the science world in 2009: the email hacking that exposed hundreds of exchanges between global warming scientists known as Climategate.

If you remember, the emails weren't a big deal because they proved anything, but because they suggested irregularities in data which in turn encouraged climate change skeptics to continue to deny global warming. As Stewart reminisced with a series of clips, Fox News pundits and conservative analysts on all the 24-hour news networks had a field day proclaiming that these emails proved global warming was a fraud. And it worked, too. As Stewart pointed out, studies show the amount of people who acknowledge global warming dropped nearly 20% since the emails were leaked. Read more »

Natural Gas drilling - polluted wastewater, partially treated, pours into Pa - map

(Post idea from an email received from FRAC-NEWS)

Wastewater from Pennsylvania's natural gas wells, intensely salty and polluted with toxins like barium and strontium
is partially treated, diluted and then dumped into rivers and streams that supply public drinking water. Most states
require natural gas drillers to get rid of the stuff by injecting it down shafts thousands of feet deep.

Natural gas drilling pollutes water at these locations in Pennsylvania

Click wastewater treatment plants to see Read more »

Summer at The State Theatre

The State Theatre
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