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Transition Town State College fall schedule of activities

Following are upcoming Transition Town State College sponsored events.

Awakening to Change, September 14th, 11:00 AM at Webster’s Bookstore Café (133 E Beaver Ave, State College, PA).  This is our Transition Towns Inner Transition meeting.

Will there really be a "Saudi America"? What is the real prospect of US energy "independence?"

What is the real prospect of US energy "independence?"


It is becoming more unsettling clear that there are consequences to how we

navigate our energy future.


These consequences are not only environmental.  There are also consequences

related to the future stability of the US and world societies.


The article attached is a response to the recent International Energy

Agency's proposal that the US could become energy independence in just a

few years.  It has as its objective encouraging the creation of a real and

viable energy future for the US.  This article explores some of the

questions we should ask about developing fossil fuels, addresses the issue

of climate change and speaks to a framework to a more sustainable future.


Inner Transition Workshop

Transition Town State College is continuing with a series of workshops on inner transition. Every one at the first of these workshops had a great experience. Here is the next one and I hope you can attend. If so please note the RSVP.

Transition Town State College (TTSC) will hold an Inner Transition event on Saturday, November 17th in Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. The event, hosted and facilitated by Andy McKinnon of TTSC, will focus on an open discussion of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of transition. This refers to the inevitable change from our current consumptive lifestyle made possible by an abundance of cheap fossil fuels to a simpler more cooperative, and more localized way of living guided by the forces of peak oil, climate change, and economic contraction. The evening may include a film and short interactive activities.

When: Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 6-9 PM
Where: 118 East Blade Drive, Penn Furnace, PA 16865
What to bring: A vegetarian item to share

Centre Sustainability News Fall 2012

Fall 2012 issue of Centre Sustainability News.

In this edition you will find articles about and links to:

· The Local Food Revolution

· Recession and sustainability

· Forgotten cities and an insight into community “planning.”

· A tour of the New School of Living

· Power and Purpose: Two essays

Reminder about the Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light Annual Meeting October 14th in Harrisburgy.

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“Building Your Homesteading Community” July 21, 2012 at Julian Wood Community

Hope you are staying cool. The thought in our minds is, as one article stated, this is what global warming could look like. Given that scientist say one characteristic of climate change is erratic weather patterns, we can only hope that this is not yet the norm. Climate extremes do, however, keep us focused on the job of building an adaptive, Transition community.


Next up on the Calendar, I am giving a workshop July 21, 2012 at Julian Wood Community 215 Julian Woods Ln, Julian, Pennsylvania, 10:00 am – 11:50 am. The workshop title is “Building Your Homesteading Community”. This workshop will build on Ralph Borsodi’s model of the School of Living and the homesteading community it was designed to support. It will address the types of barriers experienced in creating these communities. It will be an interactive workshop.


This model is very close to that of Transition Towns and they are highly complimentary.


More information about the New School of Living project can be found at the Transition Centre Web site,

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