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The Diminishing Need for the Poor

Stevieslaw: The Diminishing Need for the Poor. Read more »

All You Can Eat

All You Can Eat


Dad was banned for life
from the all-you-can-eat
places all up and down
the Eastern seaboard.
It was a wonder to see
his likeness on a greasy
“not wanted here” bulletin
board at an Italian Smorgasbord
just outside of Dover, Delaware.

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Getting out of Dodge

Stevieslaw: Kansas Poised to Pass “Safe Passage” Act Read more »

Hemlock Society to Move to Orlando

Stevieslaw: Hemlock Society to Move to Orlando

Smokey Diamond, our intrepid reporter, returned from Orlando, Florida today looking like something the cat dragged in. 

“That full body armor is heavy,” she complained.  “But at least I made it back alive.”

Smokey had been in Florida tracking down the story that the “right to die” group, The Hemlock Society, was about to move headquarters from Denver to Orlando.  Read more »

In Good Hands

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