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Page 2: Instant spiritual renewal, just add mountain

2p2pagetwo.pngSean Flynn. Managing Editor



I dislike gyms. One of my favorite parts of journalism is that the job demands you get out of the office, see new things, and occasionally soak up some sunlight. This is the exact opposite of a gym, which is completely indoors, demands ‘reps,’ and is notoriously short on sunlight.

So when my girlfriend (who was feeling shut in after an endless winter) and I decided to get back in shape, we picked hiking.

Wiser people might have waited until it was above freezing, but we had Gumption, by god, and that plus a good coat is all you ever need.

We thought we’d take on an easy trek to start. So we filled our Nalgenes and headed out to Shingleton Gap.

A hiking map favored by the locals warns that there are no easy trails in the Rothrock State Forest. Wiser people might have listened to the map, but maps are for people without Gumption and Resolve.

Before we even got out of