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Pa Senator says legalizing marijuana could bring in millions for Pennsylvania

Straight From Senator Leach's website - he seems to be saying the ultimate benefit would bout about $350 million per year. I don't know about the math, but, that seems like a fair amount of money to me.

He seems to be complaining that the plan to ditch the State Stores only produces a one-time snmall savings while killing a long term cash cow for the state's revenue - which sounds EXACTLY like Tom Corbett.


HARRISBURG, February 1, 2013 – As Gov. Corbett lays the groundwork to privatize Pennsylvania’s liquor stores and fund education this year with the revenue raised, Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) has offered an alternative plan: legalize marijuana and generate a constant revenue source for the state to use for years to come.

“We don’t need to sell our state stores to the highest bidder to bring in money to fund education, especially if the money gained can only be used once,” Leach said. “This plan may help our state in the short term, but is a foolish long term strategy, as it offers no permanent solutions. Why eliminate a constant revenue stream when we could keep it, continue to benefit from it, and add to it by regulating, taxing and selling marijuana under the state store umbrella?”


Leach, who this session will introduce a marijuana legalization bill, said the answer our state is looking for is simple.

“In addition to raising millions of dollars per year from tax revenue, Pennsylvania would save more than $325 million per year by legalizing marijuana. The most conservative estimates say the revenue generated by taxing the sales of marijuana would amount to at least $24 million per year. Legalizing marijuana and taxing its sale could provide a multi-million dollar reoccurring revenue source that our state could tap into for years to come,” Leach said.

Legalizing Marijuana Could Bring in Millions for Pennsylvania

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