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Confidential Informants

The police used a confidential informant on me. They had this guy buy 3 times from me. Catch is he brought drugs to us and then interveniously injected my husband and my self as we had never done this EVER before. We were not in our right mind but he did it every time he made a deal with us. I s there anyone out there that can help or knows anything about this. Hed come over when he wasn't wired and also shoot himself up. I know where his track marcks are. This guy is facingfed charges and a bunch of weird stuff is been happening where they are trying to entrap us into more stuff. I dont know what to do.

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Get a lawyer?

Well, that's a morally and ethically ambiguous story. No verifiable facts, but you are telling the great american lower-class morality tale, right out of the screenwriters handbook.

The upper-class morality tales mostly involve embezzlement, and oh, those poor embezzlers, maybe they had some kind of drug habit or sex addiction or gambling addiction or some other kind of addiction that drove them to it. Poor white collar criminals, they are so weak, a slap on the wrist, maybe six months in a country club with a wire fence, will straighten them up.

You'll probably spend more time in jail than they would. That too is part of the lower-class morality tale.

You should get a lawyer, and do what the lawyer says. I've seen various websites that offer advice on dealing with officers of the law. Their summary always seems to be about the same. Dont talk to anyone but a lawyer, get a lawyer, and let the lawyer do his or her job.


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