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Green Party of Pennsylvania Seems A Bit Subdued

Well, it doesn't look like there is much of a green centre region presence on the net... This old official page has been hijacked by an aggregator. Is this minimal impact in action? This is now the offical Green Party Pa page, I believe.

An article about the pennsylvania greens, Did you know "Pennsylvania is one of the top three states in elected Green Party officeholders..."


It's interesting that the Repubs and Dems only need 2000 signatures on a ballot to get on the senate ticket, but the libertarians are complaining that independents need 66,000 signatures to get on the same ballot. I imagine the same restriction holds for the greens, so we probably won't be seeing a green senate candidate any time soon.

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green party

i agree bill, doesn't seem to be much of a green party. i sure wish there was SOME alternative to the dems and repubs around here these days. (and no, i don't consider libertarians an alternative.) the dems look more like repubs every day, esp with their support of casey. what's left?

Maybe it's the name?

It's interesting how names and labels can become so easily emotionally charged these days - the combination of mass media and popular suggestibility makes it so likley that a name/label will become negative - 'feminist', 'liberal', and definitely 'green'.

But, maybe there's some political structure left in that organization that can be tapped. And as bad as the democrats are, I do tend to think that a slightly modified form of the green policy platform might sell.

There must be some greens in the state college area. Hey Greens, speak up! How much money you need to do some politicking?

Green party

 Anyone interested in Green Party candidates for the 2008 elections? I'll be running for Congress under the Green Party. I would like to know if I might be able to get any support from people in the region.

Let's hear your platform

It's hard to say. I've been interested in the green party for quite a few years, but have been consistently suprised that there is so little green activity here in happy valley and pennsylvania.

Where are you running, and what's your plan?

I'd like to see a green party presence in this area.

Running for office

  I plan on running for the 5th congressional district. Right now I would like to set up a campaign staff and recruit some volunteers. Thats about all I can do untill Febuary 13th when I can start collecting signatures to get on the ballet.

A Green candidate for Peterson's slot - cool

I'm sure you already know, that's a tough row to hoe. ;-}

But, I'm interested to hear a lot more about your plans. Chances are good I'll give you some donations too, because I'd like to see a stronger green presence in this area.

I have a few mixed feelings about it, in the sense that I'd like to see Bush's "Best Friend Forever" Rep Peterson replaced by an anti-Bush dem. And a green candidancy can only take votes away from whatever dem candidate comes along.

But I have a long term view too, and in the long term I think that the green perspective can only become more and more important, as the perfect storm of peak oil, climate change, and economic changes bears down on the country.

So, I want to see the green platform and arguments added to the public debate.

When are you going to put up your website? I hope you'll take advantage of the voices website to get your messages and articles and releases out in the public sphere.

Green Candidate

Hi Bill,

 It gives me some hope, hearing from another person, that I may be making the right decision to run. My site address is It's very basic right now since I'm the only one working on it so far and I'm not very knowledgable about computers. Have you checked out the PA Green Party website yet?

 Anyway my email address is on my site and I believe I have also included a phone number so anyone interested in contacting me personally can do so. I'm hoping that people that may be interested in my campaign may be able to give me some suggestions as to what I might be able to do to help get the word out.And yes, I do know I'm in for a very bumpy ride, but what the hell, ya only live once and if you don't try you'll never know. Hope to hear from you and others like you.

You're going to have to start from the ground...

Here's a link to your website -

You should definitely work on it more, because the website has become one of the foundation points of politics anymore. You need a face shot.

I'd remove the "under construction" comment asap - there's no need for it.

And fix the title of your index page, which now says "My Business - Home". That title is one of the most important parts of your site, because it is what the search engines will display as the link to your site.

You're going to have to start pretty much from the ground up to create a green party machine. And do it on a shoestring, I imagine.

I'd try to tap into the students and young people, they have web savvy that you can make use of, and will be looking for ways to do something meaningful and get life experience.

You got video skills? Youtube would make a good platform for developing and refining your message.

Oh, and you should start a blog here, as a way to develope and expand your press release writing skills. Politics and writing are natural partners.

Green Party Congressional Candidate for 5th District Pa, Donald Wilson.

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