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Keep an eye on the sky - really pretty conjunction

Venus and Jupiter are blazing lights in the early evening sky these days, getting closer and closer in a conjunction the likes of which won't be repeated again til 2052 - so, really, a once in a lifetime sight.

Right now it's REALLY PRETTY already. Worth going out to take a look.

In a few days they will be even closer, and joined by a crescent moon. It will be a sight to behold.

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Wow it was so beautiful tonight

Venus and Jupiter were directly aligned above and below each other tonight, Brilliant venus underneath, and distant Jupiter, still much brighter than any ordinary star, above.

What a sight - even with some clouds and in the lights of town it couldn't be missed. Soon the crescent moon will appear beside them.

On Nov. 29th (sky map) the two planets will be less than 3 degrees apart and you'll think to yourself "surely it can't get any better than this."

And then it will. On Nov. 30th (sky map) a slender 10% crescent Moon leaps up from the horizon to join the show. The delicate crescent hovering just below Venus-Jupiter will have cameras clicking around the world.

Dec. 1st (sky map) is the best night of all. The now-15% crescent Moon moves in closer to form an isosceles triangle with Venus and Jupiter as opposing vertices. The three brightest objects in the night sky will be gathered so tightly together, you can hide them all behind your thumb held at arm's length.

Tragically amateurish pics of the conjunction

These pics are bad. The clouds were bad. Yet our planetary neighbors were shining in the evening sky and really beautiful!

Gallery of better conjunction photos

"It was like a great face in the sky. People in Pakistan had never seen anything like this before. "

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