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Free Introduction to the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning


The Natural Family Planning Center of Central Pennsylvania offers a free hour-long presentation on the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning on Sunday, November 11, at 2 pm in the Community Room at Schlow Centre Region Library, 211 S. Allen Street, State College. The Ovulation Method allows couples to confidently identify their times of fertilty and infertility, and then to use this information to either avoid or achieve a pregnancy. In addition, this method provides an invaluable aid to couples experiencing infertility or subfertility, as it provides information on a woman's time of peak fertility. Topics to be covered include the simple and natural observations of a woman's signs of fertility, charting those observations, and identifying the times of fertility, infertility, and peak fertility. The Ovulation Method is 99% effective to avoid a pregnancy when taught by a qualified professional. For couples struggling to achieve a pregnancy, the effectiveness rate ranges from 20-40% from knowledge of the woman's fertility cycle alone. While the session is free, preregistration is requested at <>. Free parking is available beside the library during the event.

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