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Don't blame me - I voted for the Green Party Jill Stein as President, and not Libertarian

I'm one of those horrible, despicable radical progressives that does not like Barack Obama.

I don't like Obama, but I wanted the dems to win in general - and I think the republicans are lying and blackhearted monsters who have betrayed their old core principles and philosophies so outrageously and grossly that I can never, under any circumstances, vote for a republican.

I dont even want to be mistaken, by the dataminers, as someone who MIGHT have been persuaded to vote republican.

So, because of that, I couldnt vote libertarian, even tho I actually have been registered libertarian most of my life, and have always considered myself one of that very rare and exotic subtribe of libertarians, a techno-libertarian.

(Never heard of techno-libertarians? Gee I'm shocked. See, techno-libertarianism was born in the early days of the internet, way back in the early 90's, before html and webpages ruined everything, and the net was clean and pure and beautiful blah blah, and we all walked to school uphill ten miles both ways, in the snow. It was a noble and heady time, for sure... Two internet listservs, the Cypherpunks and the Extropians, existed in those halcyon days, and I was a member of both - and there, libertarianism was discusse at great length, and techno-libertarianism was born. A great story, I'll tell it sometime. Anyways...)

As I was saying - I liked Gary Johnson, and strongly approve of his properly libertarian anti-war and anti-drug war platform policies - because true libertarians, you see, don't believe in war or using violence to acheive political ends, and believe in the rights of adults to do what they chose as long as noone else is being harmed in a way that invokes civil liability - and even then the harm is a civil matter unless it involves the violent destruction of person or property against the owner's will.

But, I couldn't vote for Johnson because the dataminers would see that digit, that one vote, and categorize it lik