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Don't blame me - I voted for the Green Party Jill Stein as President, and not Libertarian

I'm one of those horrible, despicable radical progressives that does not like Barack Obama.

I don't like Obama, but I wanted the dems to win in general - and I think the republicans are lying and blackhearted monsters who have betrayed their old core principles and philosophies so outrageously and grossly that I can never, under any circumstances, vote for a republican.

I dont even want to be mistaken, by the dataminers, as someone who MIGHT have been persuaded to vote republican.

So, because of that, I couldnt vote libertarian, even tho I actually have been registered libertarian most of my life, and have always considered myself one of that very rare and exotic subtribe of libertarians, a techno-libertarian.

(Never heard of techno-libertarians? Gee I'm shocked. See, techno-libertarianism was born in the early days of the internet, way back in the early 90's, before html and webpages ruined everything, and the net was clean and pure and beautiful blah blah, and we all walked to school uphill ten miles both ways, in the snow. It was a noble and heady time, for sure... Two internet listservs, the Cypherpunks and the Extropians, existed in those halcyon days, and I was a member of both - and there, libertarianism was discusse at great length, and techno-libertarianism was born. A great story, I'll tell it sometime. Anyways...)

As I was saying - I liked Gary Johnson, and strongly approve of his properly libertarian anti-war and anti-drug war platform policies - because true libertarians, you see, don't believe in war or using violence to acheive political ends, and believe in the rights of adults to do what they chose as long as noone else is being harmed in a way that invokes civil liability - and even then the harm is a civil matter unless it involves the violent destruction of person or property against the owner's will.

But, I couldn't vote for Johnson because the dataminers would see that digit, that one vote, and categorize it like this - "This voter WOULD have voted romney but he thinks romney is too soft" - because of course the dataminers are being paid by the republican thinktanks, and have no idea what libertarianism teaches, they, like the rest of americans, think of libertarians like this. (Funny cartoon at the link...)

 The 24 types of Libertarians - as a libertarian, this made me lol

And, to add insult to injury, if I voted for Gary Johnson, the dataminers working for the democratic think tanks (what few there are, compared to the mighty republican machine) would look at my Johnson vote and think, "That voter would never have voted for our guy anyway". I didnt want that, I wanted them to know that I was part of the group that is mad that Obama cares more about the banks than about the people, that I was a pissed-off potential dem voter.

That left me with one choice, of course. And so I voted for Jill Stein.

(To be specific, I colored in straight democratic, then colored in the little oval for Jill Stein and the Greens. This, the ballot assured me, would be counted correctly as a straight ticket vote EXCEPT. And thank goodness Pa was not a swing state this election.)

I've written many times here about the green party - mostly about how its too bad there isn;t one here in State College anymore, and expressing some skepticism of their platform and policies.

Green Party of Pennsylvania Seems A Bit Subdued

Rebuilding the Centre County Pa Green Party

And so forth. I have long felt that a fusion party with green, democrat, and libertarian principles was one of the best possible futures for this country - because global warming, fossil carbon EROI depletion, population pressure, food and farming, and the transformation to a new planetary economy are going to be the defining issues of the 21st century. Trying to pretend this isn't happening, and desperately clinging to a dying economy and un-sustainable civilization, is the particular blindness (and crippling addcition) that both the dems and the repubs, the neolibs and neocons, share in common.

The more I think about voting for Jill Stein, the more pleased I am with it as a choice. Yes, only 21k votes were cast for the green party in Pennsylvania - but, at least those who voted green were voting based on principles and a clear, science-based vision of our future - and thats cool. I like being in that group.

I guess there's a green meeting happening soon - dunno if I can go - I actually have another meeting happening that night - we shall see...

Centre County Green Party meeting

7:15 p.m. on Monday, November 12



An increase in Green Party activity in the State College area


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