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Centre Gives 2014, May 6th and 7th, is here.

            "A public-spirited press, with the trained intelligence to know what is right, and the courage to do it, can preserve the quality of public virtue, without which a government of the people is a sham.”*

-Joseph Pulitzer     


On May 6th and May 7th when you support your cause,
please include a gift for VOICES.  ?? Why? Why should I?

Because VOICES is a Community Asset that WE ALL NEED!

“Publicity, publicity, and publicity is the greatest
moral factor and force in our public life”
-Joseph Pulitzer


I studied the embedded form CG provided and have decided it's best to ask
people to go directly to the CentreGives Secure Server to make any donations.
.Just click the link above or the Centre Gives logo below and you are good to go.




VOICES of CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA needs your donations to continue to exist.  On May6th and May7th, when you go to (or come to this page at HTTP://VOICESWEB.ORG/CENTREGIVES2014 ) to support your cause, please include a gift for VOICES.

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