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Shakespeare Aloud - get the thrill of reading KING LEAR!

Want to try something amazing and different? Read more »

What is the ‘Goal’ of Secondary School? No Student Left Unknown

Once a foundation’s been laid, then what?

Last week I shared my response to Tim Kaine’s policy recommendation for elementary education, which I thought was based on an unnecessarily narrow view of student capacity and potential. But when Kaine speaks to secondary education, I think he’s on to something: He asks, “why don't we personalize learning for every student?  Shouldn't we strive for an educational model that involves individualized education for all?” Read more »

What is the ‘Goal’ of Elementary School?

A couple of months back, Tim Kaine (former governor and current senator from Virginia) wrote a column for EdWeekly, describing what he and his wife had learned from their forty years’ experience with public education, particularly as parents.  I thought his observations deserved a more thorough examination, so here are my thoughts, beginning with his take on elementary school.  Read more »

Steady State College - Abbreviated March 3 Edition

The March 3 Steady State College edition will be postponed to March 10 - I've just been too busy with other tasks to get to the editing. In the meantime...


Friends & Farmers Co-op Update


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