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Huh - "ET Section 501 .10 Confidential Information Obtained From Employment or Volunteer Activities "


I have been enjoying studying a number of aspects of nonprofit management and law. It's become a bit of an obsession. Of course, I obsess easily.


There's an interesting intertwining of various government laws, and the professional ethical codes of conduct for but governance and service providers, especialy thos ein professions where ethics and avoiding ethical violations brings discredit to the whole profession. Read more »

Steady State College - Back Issues

An online and print publication covering local food, energy, skill-building, democracy and investing during the transition to a steady-state economy

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SkinBasics for Natural Healing of mature and senitive skin

I'm a local person, Linda, and my home is Stone Pond Farm, in Centre County. I have been interested in plants and herbs for over forty years, studied them, and grown them.


skinbasics-naturalhealing Read more »

In Good Hands

PSU to Hire One for Two Open Positions

Stevieslaw: Efficient Hiring at Penn State Read more »

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