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I hope I did the right thing - and thank you Patton Township Police Officers

i was out having coffee and deep discussion with a friend late thursday night, a discussion that lasted until the early friday morning hours, about politics and websites and business and the military and sequestration, the kinds of things I like to talk about. After the long discussion I shopped, like a good husband, lol, bringing home groceries for the household.

So, I was driving home very late, on Valley Vista Drive, I work nights, I often shop late at night, so for me this was not all that unusual. Read more »

Wild Beaver Video

Adult beaver take advantage of a warm canadian day to work on their house - baby beaver gets a scare...

Comet PANSTARRS is coming in March - could be a beauty!

Comet PANSTARRS is coming in March - could be a beauty!

Here's an artist's conception of what we may be seeing this March as Comet Pan-STARRS visits planet earth!

More current PAN STARRS photos, maps, and information from SPACE.COM! Read more »

Cool. the WW1 Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag - very sweet

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