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I am thinking about grabbing one of those quarter coworking slots at New Leaf Initiative

I'm wondering about getting a slice of new workspace - in this case, technically, of new cowork space. An office in town, with a working cellphone (I live in a cell shadow, some weird trick of the ridges and the line-of-sight towers. No service, the phone always says.), and a view. I have been doing various types of running calculations in my minds eye - the expense, versus the ways the expense could be leveraged into results and value. The immediate financial return potential is - well - lets call it an unknowable. Read more »

New Leaf Initiative 2.0 sends out it's juiciest email yet

I've been studying the New leaf Initiative people and project for a while, I find their skills and approach fascinating.

  Read more »

Moby's Perfect Life

Moby is usually good. And there is something about the mix of musical influences in this tat is both strangely weird and strangely good. Country-western meets Hawaiian and Polynesian, in bed with some Mexican Mariachi and South American charango pluckers.


The lryics are crazy  tho,

Huh - "ET Section 501 .10 Confidential Information Obtained From Employment or Volunteer Activities "


I have been enjoying studying a number of aspects of nonprofit management and law. It's become a bit of an obsession. Of course, I obsess easily.


There's an interesting intertwining of various government laws, and the professional ethical codes of conduct for but governance and service providers, especialy thos ein professions where ethics and avoiding ethical violations brings discredit to the whole profession. Read more »

Bestof reddit on why neoliberalism screwed young americans

"A further note on the positive feedback loop nature of capitalism: How is it possible for a human being born into this society to make money to try and escape that trap?

A] Work for wages -- which means do labor that has some level of value, and then have your boss take as much of that value for himself as he can get away with based on how desperate the other possible laborers in the economy are at present. Read more »

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