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American people are not stupid, they know there are 2 sets of laws in the country: one for the rich, another for everyone else

Obama, and the Federal Dems, you choose to serve Wall Street. Don't come crying to us when Wall Street gives you the reward you deserve.

The American people are not stupid. They see the double standard. They know that there are two sets of laws in the country: one for the rich, powerful and well connected of Wall Street and one for everyone else on Main Street. In fact, a jury explicitly told the SEC just that when they rejected the attempted scapegoating of a minnow while letting the whales of Wall Street get off.

"As a recent report showed, Wall Street's egregious reckless and, indeed, criminal conduct will cost our country more than $12.8 trillion. And, of course, those numbers can't count the ongoing devastating human wreckage across our country from lost jobs, homes, retirements, educations and, worst of all, dreams.

After all that, the select handful of rich and powerful not only all walk away scot-free, but they get to do so with their pockets stuffed with -- literally -- billions of dollars. As Frontline so clearly showed, the minnows of Main Street are prosecuted and thrown in prison for years while the party on Wall Street continues.

Making matters worse, the total failure of any accountability much less punishment will almost assuredly cause such recklessness to happen again, and probably soon. After all, if there's no punishment and they get to keep their executive suites, social status, billions in bonuses, mansions around the world, yachts bigger than the average American home, fleet of planes and everything else they believe are most important thing in the world, why wouldn't they do it all again?"

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