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IN THIS ISSUE: 10 Reasons to visit the Bellefonte Ar t Museum | A closer look at local Arts Fest artists | People are a work of art | Fast, sustainable pasta from Fasta & Ravioli Co. | Ground Ivy - One of the great healing herbs | Local programs assisting sexual assault victims | Students call for education on sexual consent | A first-hand account of the Baltimore protests | A new day on the streets of Baltimore | Summer reading: Re-thinking the Beach Book | Canada Warbler, a bird of summer, eh! | College Boy graduates | A little forecasting competition | A piece of Eden to create food for the soul | Pennsylvania Organic FarmFest offers education | Fourth Annual Pa. Organic FarmFest kicks off August 7

CRPR Summer Day Camps Begin Monday, June 17!

What are your children doing for the summer? Read more »

CRPR Marsh Mondays & Wetland Wednesdays

Ages 3-6 yrs.

Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 548 Puddintown Rd

Molly Hetrick,

Centre Region Parks & Recreation, 814-231-3071 to register

Classes held: 10:30 AM or 12:30 PM

June 12,           Animals Sounds

June 17,           Hungry Herbivores

June 19,           Summer Solstice

June 24,           Waters Wander Read more »

School Budgets Shrink and the Arts Suffer

School Budgets Shrink and the Arts Suffer

Garden behind a shop in Japan

Firefighters Clash With Riot Police In Spain During Austerity Protest

Imprisoned: life behind bars

by Elizabeth Timberlake-Newell Read more »

Witness to an execution

by Doug Mason

Doug Mason, long-time volunteer and writer for Voices, witnessed the execution of a death row inmate in 1996. What follows is his first hand account.
While the following article does not follow the newspaper convention of objectivity, the editorial staff deemed the perspective so valuable that it is presented here.
-Elizabeth Timberlake-Newell, editor in chief Read more »

Artist, teacher and musician Foy

by Marilyn Jones Read more »

The grass is always greener, or is it?

by James Hynes Read more »

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