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Voter ID REQUIRED - uh oh republicans, looks like your plan to fix the vote failed

Voter ID REQUIRED - uh oh republicans, looks like your plan to fix the vote failed
Pennsylvania Pa Voter ID Law political cartoon by Tom Baker

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Community regroups after difficult year

Over the past year, the community of State College, Pa. and Penn State University has endured a series of dramatic blows to the tight-knit community.

Allegations of child sex abuse committed by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky were made public in November 2011, drawing international media attention. The Penn State Board of Trustees swiftly responded by dismissing Penn State President Graham Spanier and coach Joe Paterno, but these moves proved controversial as some students rioted while an active alumni contingent and some of the local community protested the firings. Read more »

Central Pa Catholic priests accused of abuse

Four men have recently accused Huntington County Roman Catholic priest George Koharchik of sexually molesting them when they were minors. Bishop Mark Bartchak relieved Koharchik of Saint Catherine of Siena Parish in Mount Union of his priestly duties. Read more »

Oxen in training: yoked to sustainability

For Brian Burger, owner of New Harmony Farmstead in Coburn, raising and training oxen is just one aspect of his greater commitment to and philosophy of sustainable agriculture. Read more »

Hearing the voices of the voiceless

At the end of this month Penn State will host a conference on childhood sexual abuse. It will highlight the university’s efforts to respond to what is possibly the greatest crisis ever to befall it and the community of proud alumni and supporters. Read more »

A lifeline cut: general assistance axed

On August 1st, 2012, the Department of Public Welfare ended Pennsylvania’s General Assistance (GA) program. That it survived an additional month was a testament to the advocacy work of “PA Cares for All”, a network of over a hundred organizations opposing the program’s elimination. Read more »

NCAA sanctions hold football team back

When the NCAA levied “unprecedented” [and arguably harsh] sanctions on the Penn State Football Program two months ago, no one really knew how harsh those sanctions would be. Those invested in the future of Penn State thought the consequences of the sanctions would not only affect Bill O’Brien’s newly undertaken program, but the other teams umbrellaed by the athletic program and also many off-the-field, non-athletic organizations.

Those fears have not yet been put to rest. Read more »

Healing power of art: Muriel’s repairing

The majority report declares that the arts in all varieties can contribute to greater health and wellness for the individual--the power of art to heal. Read more »

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