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Penn State band decimated by late transfers

With the opening national anthem at Happy Valley stadium only days away, the band director corps at Penn State scurried yesterday to fill unexpected vacancies as a growing number of musicians gave notice of transfer to other universities. Read more »

It isn’t easy being green in Pennsylvania

When voters go to the polls in November, candidates for the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA) and its national affiliate the Green Party United States (GPUS) will appear on the ballot in Pennsylvania for the first time in eight years. Read more »

Undocumented immigrants struggle in Pa

Several local experts on the topic of immigration were asked to estimate the numbers of undocumented immigrants in State College, Pennsylvania. Read more »

Bullying policies fail to address problem

In about eighty-five percent of bullying cases, teachers and administration make no effort to stop the bullying. Now, unfortunately, this problem hits a little too close to home. Read more »

Millheim residents occupy streets to stop crime

Since late 2008, residents of Millheim borough have occupied the town and streets in a citizen-run crime watch program that aims to improve their community and control crime without additional policing. Read more »

Steffen wins Golden Basket Award

Chef Jamie Steffen won the Golden Basket Award at the Boalsburg Market Chefs Competition in August. Steffen represented the American Ale House. Read more »

Hospital chef plans for organic garden

“The reason we’re going for certified organic is that, as a medical center, it’s very important for the community to know that we are using certain guidelines, just as in our healthcare practices at Mount Nittany,” Glenn said. Read more »

Pa leads nation in rabies cases for second year

Pennsylvania has managed to remain the number one state for rabies cases in America. Read more »

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