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Penn State offers on-campus voting registration

By Sierra Dole

Election time is here again. Students certainly have enough on their plate with classes, jobs, internships, and extra-curricular activities. However, there’s one thing they don’t need to stress about: voting.

Penn State’s University Park Undergraduate Association Elections Commission gives on-campus students peace of mind by giving them the option to register to vote right on campus. Voter registration volunteers on campus then take the completed registration forms to the County Election Office.

“In the state of Pennsylvania, students at institutions of higher learning are considered temporary residents at the campus address,” Bradley Middleton (junior, sociology) said. “For that reason, they are eligible to register to vote at their permanent address, back home with their parents, or at their campus address on the local ballot.”

A student’s decision whether to register on-campus or to head home for election day is in no way a light one to make.

According to Middleton, while registering on-campus is convenient for most students, out-of-state students would be precluded from voting for a representative from his/her home district.

“One votes on the ballot for where they are registered,” Middleton said. “This means that anyone registered to vote in State College will be able to cast their vote for PA and national representatives running in the district around State College. This would only be a concern if a student had grown up in, say, Bucks County and wanted to cast a vote for their local representative for Bucks County. They would not have the option to do this on the Centre County ballot.”

Aside from registering to vote, students also have the option to increase their political involvement by joining clubs such as the Penn State College Democrats and the Penn State College Republicans. Read more »

Sandy's rains make for high water levels in Huntingdon

Huntingdon High Water
These are all at Portstown Park, downtown Huntingdon.They closed the park and moved some of the picnic tables up near the railroad tracks. These were taken at 2:15PM today. The flood gage for the Juniata River is at Lewistown, it read 16'. It is not considered flood stage until it hits 23', even though it's over its banks. Photos by Brenda Palmer Read more »

WPSU debate between incumbent Glenn Thompson (R) and candidate Charles Dumas (D)

Students protest the rape culture at PSU photo

Students protest the rape culture at PSU photo
"...took this photo today on my way to class. It's outside the HUB Robeson Center and it's a group of students protesting the lack of response from PSU admin about the 11 sexual assaults reported this semester." Left to right: Madeline Chandler (senior, media studies), William Doll (senior, telecomm), Spencer Paret (sophomore, engineering) Photo by Sierra Dole. Read more »

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

"We had to get more than ten times the number of valid signatures on our petitions as the Democrats and Republicans"

By Doug Mason

Cheri Honkala, the Green Party’s vice-presidential nominee, gave a presentation at Webster’s Bookstore & Café this month that clearly linked environmental issues to social and economic justice, peace, women’s rights, civil rights and the labor movement.

Honkala is an internationally recognized anti-poverty advocate who is the National Coordinator for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) based in Philadelphia, one of the nation’s largest multi-racial, inter-generational movements led by the poor and the homeless. Working directly alongside the poor to build a movement to end poverty, she has organized tens of thousands of people to take action via marches, demonstrations and tent cities.

"We set up Romneyville in Tampa and Obamaville in Charlotte," said Honkala. "At every national convention, both Democratic and Republican, we’ve set up Hooverville –like encampments. They’re for the homeless or suffering people who don’t have access to healthcare and other necessities of life."  Read more here... Read more »

An Interview with Charles Dumas, Democratic Candidate for District 5

by James Hynes

Your opponent, Glenn Thompson has a million dollar war chest and lots of powerful friends in DC. What made you decide to run against him?

No one else was doing it. I would have gladly not jumped into the ring if someone with more experience an gumption had decided to run. I looked around—a lot of people were considering running back in January, but then no one was willing to step to the plate. And I was concerned that Congressman Thompson was going to get away with no one asking him about putting his allegience to his party and his friends above his constituents.

Click here for more... Read more »

Because spam attacks have been getting more sophisticated I have activated a new anti-spam service called Mollum

We shall see if it does a better job of blocking these relentless professional spam attacks.

Let us know if you have any unexpected problems with posting, we may have to work out a few bugs at first.

Voter ID REQUIRED - uh oh republicans, looks like your plan to fix the vote failed

Voter ID REQUIRED - uh oh republicans, looks like your plan to fix the vote failed
Pennsylvania Pa Voter ID Law political cartoon by Tom Baker

Read more »

Community regroups after difficult year

Over the past year, the community of State College, Pa. and Penn State University has endured a series of dramatic blows to the tight-knit community.

Allegations of child sex abuse committed by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky were made public in November 2011, drawing international media attention. The Penn State Board of Trustees swiftly responded by dismissing Penn State President Graham Spanier and coach Joe Paterno, but these moves proved controversial as some students rioted while an active alumni contingent and some of the local community protested the firings. Read more »

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