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Voices of Central Pennsylvania September 2015
In This Issue: September Public Meetings Calendar | Moral Hazard and Big 10 Climate Commitments | Superlatives overtake the airwaves | Yemen a hotspot in US-Iran power struggle | LAGuide to PetEuphoria | Jewelweed - A Gem in the Marsh | Poet of the Month ~ Julia Spicher Kasdorf | Musician Profile: Tyne Palazzi | Winter Outlook | Local Home-Scale Photovoltaic Solar | Finding Made-in-USA products | An Uncommon Fall Visitor | Advice to agripreneurs | PSU Should Apply Whole Systems-thinking | A Tale of Two Nittany Theatres | Ways Ferguson Township Can Protect Water

U.S congressional candidates speak

U.S Congressman (5th district) Glenn Thompson and challenger Charles Dumas spoke with Voices. Read more here... Read more »

Ferguson residents to vote on amendment

On November 6, Ferguson Township could be the second township in the nation to have successfully banned natural gas hydro-facturing within its borders. Groundswell, a community coalition, has been advocating adding a bill of rights to the Ferguson Home Rule Charter since mid-June. Read more »

Health concerns inspire call for registry

As the number of natural gas wells expands across Pa., the state’s Department of Health still has no system to track possible health impacts of unconventional hydraulic fracturing. Read more »

Plow-to-Plate dinner celebrates fall harvest

On October 10, a crowd of 112 guests gathered at the Mount Nittany Winery as the sun set over the nearby Tussey Mountain to taste wine and enjoy the seasonal food of the first ever “Plow to Plate” dinner.

The winery is made up of two beautiful wood paneled buildings, with the smaller one housing their bottled wines. This building was the starting point for the tour of the winery that took guests through the entire process, including the separation of grapes from their stems, into the large holding tanks, and finally into the bottling and labeling machine. Read more »

Describers enhance art experience

“Welcome to The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare,” she began. Small ear buds relay her words to the ears of the visually-impaired members in the audience below her.

Kennedy is an audio describer and board member of Sight Loss Support Group, Inc. (SLSG), which created View Via Headphones Audio Description Services. This program, the first of its kind in central Pa., provides free descriptive services to the visually impaired during performances and tours of art galleries. Read more »

Philipsburg area moves towards revitalization

Philipsburg has suffered economic distress for decades. The economy of the area had been based on resource extraction (coal mining) and garment and cigar manufacturing. Then in the mid-1980s, each of these industries closed, putting thousands out of work.

But two organizations are planning revitalization for both the downtown and industrial parks in the surrounding area. Read more »

PSU gets mixed review on free speech

The University Park campus is getting good marks from students for its allowance of freedom of speech. It hasn’t always made the grade, however, and some of its policies are still under the critical eye of constitutional watchdog groups. Read more »

Penn State offers on-campus voting registration

Penn State’s University Park Undergraduate Association Elections Commission gives on-campus students peace of mind by giving them the option to register to vote right on campus. Voter registration volunteers on campus then take the completed registration forms to the County Election Office. Read more »

Artists create art, cope with depression

It seems like a stereotype—the artist struggles through emotional turmoil, the struggle feeds the works of genius—but there may be more than a fabled link between mood disorders and art. According to various separate studies, artists have up to 18 times the rate of suicide seen in the general population, 8-10 times the rate of depression, and 10-20 times the rate of manic-depression. Read more »

Kramer finds humor in everyday motherhood

“At the tail end of each of my three pregnancies, many thoughts paraded through my head. If I recall correctly, the three most common ones (besides from wondering where I last had placed my car keys) toggled back and forth between ‘I’m ready to be finished with this’ and ‘I’m not ready for what comes next’ and ‘Bring it on.’” Read more »