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The VOICES Fun! Raiser - March 24th, 6pm, at the India Pavilion!

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Help Support VOICES at the 4th Annual VOICES Fun! Raiser
March 24th, 6pm, at the India Pavilion! Great Food & Prizes!
Making Music at the Fun Fair!
Live Music and Great Conversations! Read more »

A Beautiful Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice 2007

Happy winter solstice 2007 everyone! It's the first day of winter, and gray and rainy here, but the days start getting longer now!  
This photo is from the NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day webpage. See the glorius full size image at
Here's the link to the Astronomy Photo of the Day, which always has something interesting to brighten your day.

VOICES brings you the EXCLUSIVE NEWS about Growth Hormone Labeling!

It's the story the New York Times didn't get. Only a local paper with local connections could confirm this kind of information...Believe it.

And congratulations to everyone who called and wrote and delayed the hearing on this insane ban!

Read the Voices Dec07 issue PDF here --- or read the article here:

Learn more and discuss it In our Artificial Growth Hormone Labeling Forum!     Read more »

Gallup says public trusts Dems more for economy, security

"September 25, 2007 Democratic Party Maintains Solid Image Advantage Over GOP Public Prefers Democratic Party to Republican for handling terrorism, military security PRINCETON, NJ -- Public attitudes toward the two major political parties have not changed much in recent months. That's good news for the Democratic Party, which moved into a superior image position when compared to the Republican Party more than a year ago. Americans not only continue to view the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party in general terms, but they also choose the Democratic party as the preferred party for maintaining the nation's economic prosperity. And, in a departure from recent history, Americans see the Democrats as the political party better able to protect the country from terrorism.
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