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The Native Plants event at Rhoneymeade Scupture Garden

Pennsylvania native plants

There was an interesting and fun event today, Saturday May 3, at the Rhoneymeade Scupture Garden. It was a Pennsylvania and local native plants display and sale, held by the Pennsylvania Native Plants Society. (click the headline for more photos by m.e.) Read more »

The Notable Women Concert at the Unitarian Fellowship - Review

”People say what a shame it is that Mozart and Schubert died so early. Think of all the great music we do not have from them. I  say,’Think of all the great music we do not have from women composers over the centuries because of the barriers of refused publication and no opportunities for performances.”, said maestro Douglas Meyer wistfully at this event.

The Notable Women NONET concert, performed by the PCO at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in State College on March 29, gave  us a vivid sample of what we have missed. Three unique pieces from three different centuries, the 19th, 20th and 21st, delivered vitality, intelligence, elegance and a sense of fun.

Concertmaster James Lyons thinks presenting special programming of music by notable women is a great first step in recognizing great work by composers who happen to be women. But, he says “Ultimately parity will be reached only when fine music by both men and women, by people of all races and religions ,can appear in a concert without having to draw attention to the fact. The music is there simply because it is good music period!” Read more »

Pennsylvania Primary Tuesday April 22nd

Remember to vote!

The Price of Oil Tears Thru Old Records

Stubbornly resisting the decline in American leisure driving, oil has been floating near the top of it's over $100 a barrel price range for weeks, despite the talk of recession and the variability of the dollar. Today it flew past previous records by almost $2, closing at NYMEX at an all time high of $113.98 a barrel.

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