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by Bill Eichman, Voices IT Volunteer, former President and Board Member, and long-time Voices supporter, donor, and advocate. 


Voices PeopleVoices has been undergoing a transformational death and rebirth. We have been seeking a new form, one that has evolved to suit the needs of our rapidly changing 21st century lives, and our expanded and demanding community lifestyles. And we'd love to tell you that we have it all figured out, and that we are on time and on on budget. And give you the date of our grand reopening and gala debut.

Ah, no. Nope. Nah. Sorry. No big debut, yet. We are still working on things. (Hey, if it was easy, everybody would do it.)


However we are all agreed on this; because everyone we talk to tells us this key thing over and over. This town needs an independent Free Press, and a strong and unabashedly liberal community voice.
And there are people here who love the art and craft of journalism, who believe in the Voices mission, and who see the importance and power and potential of the multi-generational community of remarkable people found here in the Nittany and Penns Valleys.

So, there is still the definite intent to have a Voices rebirth, and to emerge from our retreat into transformational sleep with a New Voices, one that does still publish a smaller paper version, but that includes with that paper publication a stronger emphasis on online community and journalism and new media content, and on an increased amount of social and face-to-face events, a stronger physical community of shared place and time.

This is where you come in; because the Voices mission is about you. Voices serves you, and without you Voices has no northern star, no map, no Captain. So, as we start to return from our hermitage and struggle to re-vision Voices from newspaper to new media, we think it's time to re-connect with you, the Voices People, our readers, our authors and creators, our future staff and leaders, our supporters and donors, and our tribe. 

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What is Neoliberal Philosophy and Policy, and How Has It Affected Our Lives?

The Guardian recently published an article about Neoliberalism, the political ideology and movement that shaped the last 36 years of decline which afflicted both US and British voters, that is, the 90% of voters who are not part of the protected upper and professional classes. It's a fascinating and important article, and very much worth your time to read, study, and share and discuss with others. Read more »





Camp Hill, PA –The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation (PPFF), is launching a new program for volunteers, Stewards of Penn’s Woods. The Stewards of Penn’s Woods program, funded through a grant from Exelon, connects people to places, to assist with clean-up and beautification at trail heads, boat launches, islands, vistas and other interesting sites in Pennsylvania’s state forests.

The program was designed so anyone, from individuals to businesses, can get involved in being a steward of our natural resources. In exchange for a minimum one-year commitment (at least four visits) to steward a particular location, stewards will receive a t-shirt, gloves, bags and other necessary items to steward their special area.  To sign up to become a steward go to Read more »

Too Many Zoos doing some Brasshouse

Pennsylvanians for Safe Access medical marijuana rally in Altoona

PENNSYLVANIANS FOR SAFE ACCESS: Medical Cannabis Support Rally

Friday October 23rd, 2015, Rally from 4-7, Press Conference 5:30
Heritage Plaza, Altoona PA

After 88 Years of cannabis prohibition, which was led by a gentleman named Harry Anslinger from Altoona, a broad spectrum of Pa. citizens are tired of not having safe access to safe natural medical cannabis. Medical cannabis legislation is further along in the legislative process than it has ever been in PA, and should pass by the end of the year or beginning of next year.

Pennsylvanians for Safe Access is coming to Altoona to have patient advocates and patients that would greatly be helped by medical cannabis tell their stories. Through stories of personal triumphs and education about what medical cannabis is, we will help break the stigma and negative associations of this plant. We encourage all to attend, those for, against, or on the fence. Over 300 people have indicated that they are planning on attending.

Pennsylvanians for Safe Access to Medical Marijuana


Photo: Harry Anslinger Source: Wikimedia Commons

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